Absa branch code

Absa Branch Code BIC And Contact Details

Here is the Absa branch code, bank identifier code and contact details of Absa Bank in South Africa. The bank is one of the leading South African banks in the country, with its headquarters in Johannesburg.

After its restructuring including changing of name from Amalgamated Banks of South Africa under the Barclays Africa Group to Absa, they expanded their financial services to include personal and business banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, wealth and investment management.

Everything has been seamlessly integrated into one platform for ease and secure banking services. Even its codes are now simplified, one code for each arm of service, except perhaps the Swift codes which are branch based.

Absa Branch code

This is the universal branch code


Absa bank identification code BIC


This is the single Absa codes for both payments, whether you’re receiving payments or playing out to international clients.

How to make and receive international payments with Absa


Absa bank offers a fast means of making and receiving payments from foreign countries or international business partners, anywhere in the world,, wheather it’s within Africa or around the world.

But to be able to effectively use their services you have to know the process involved, being properly guided is thus important for effective, fast and secure transaction.

1. Obtain your Absa’s Bank Identifier Code (BIC): this is ABSAZAJJ

2. Then have your Absa branch code handy (the code is above)

3. Your account number should be ready. Open an account if you haven’t, just walk into any ABSA branch in any city or open it online and then complete the whole process later.

Absa branch code bic and contact details
The new Absa international payment

4. Your account name and the address details related to the accounts

5. Purpose of Payment.

The above is what the platform or third party will request from you before, the process is initiated. Unless you want to use Paypal.

Absa contact details

For inquiry, suggestions, questions and banking advice you can contact them through various means such as Mail, Website, Phone number, WhatsApp or social media.

Here are the ones that you can receive prompt response.

Absa South Africa phone number: 011 501 5050
or 0800 11 11 55
Absa South Africa email address: support@absa.co.za
Absa South Africa website: https://www.absa.co.za/talk-to-us/

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