Canal Walk Movies: Top Cinemas To Watch In SA pt

Canal Walk Movies: Top Cinemas To Watch In SA

This is the top places in South Africa to watch Canal walk movies under the Nu metro brand. Nu Metro is a top entertainment company that specializes in showing movies in movie theaters in Durban and other places in the country. Time, quality and comfort are what you should expect here, then you have other things like popcorn and liquid shakes to with it.

Ticket prices are R175.00 on the average for one 4D Ticket, it might be lower or higher depending on the location and the season of the year, prices are seasonal, prices can be slashed during promotion season,  that is during December periods, Easter, New Year and major or minor holidays. If you’re a tourist and you’ll like to keep an eye for price slashes that happens from time to time keep an eye on this category or consider subscribing, you’ll be amongst the first to know.
If you’re in the country their advertisement is everywhere in the media especially during promos periods, though you can still subscribe to keep an eye so you don’t miss out.

About Nu Metro Scene Xtreme and Scene VIP

Nu Metro is divided basically into two categories; Nu Metro scene Xtreme and Nu Metro Science VIP each with its own different ticket prices and setting arrangements.
 If you want to watch the latest movie release on the biggest screen in SA, then you have to head to Nu Metro’s Scene Xtreme. According to the company the screen is three-stories high and the 360-degree sound, you get to see movies in the amazing giant screen. For Nu Metro’s VIP it”s all about luxury and comfort, it includes an exclusive VIP lounge and bar area, fully reclinable seating, and personal service at your seat. You’ll enjoy the VIP treatment to the fullest or at least until the end of the movie.

1. Nu Metro V&A Waterfront

This is a modern chain cinema with multiple screens, with an international line-up of top movies.
223, Victoria Wharf Shopping Center, Breakwater Blvd & Dock Rd, V & A Waterfront, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa.

2. Nu Metro GrandWest

A Movie theater in Cape Town, South Africa. You’ll get to watch to rated movies at this cinema.
Denneboom Ave, Ruyterwacht, Cape Town, 7460, South Africa.

3. Nu Metro Mountain Mill

This is a movie theater in Worcester.
13 Mountain Mill Dr, Hospital Hill, Worcester, 6850, South Africa.
When movies are released in the world and for Africa, Nu Metro is one of the entertainment company to get them. They then schedule the date and time for showing them.
There are lots of movies you can watch in in different genres, you can also watch top Hollywood films in horror, comedy, action, adventure and many others.
Though sometimes they tend to show some major movies a bit later than their counterparts in the US and Europe, but when placed side by side with their other counterparts in Africa they still top them, making appreciatable effort in timing and duration, that it is from the time when a movie is released to the time it hits the cinemas in the US.

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