Kulula Services: How To Book Flights Online Plus Contact Details

Review: How To Use Kulula Services And Save Money

When it comes to the various services Kulula offers, it can be frusrating at times figuring how to use each or all of them, this post aims to help you out. This is how you can book a Kulula fight online the right way, easy with no mistakes, you can also get to them from the comfort of your home through their contact details.

Kulula Airline is one of the top South African airline offering a wide range of aviation services to customers. When it comes to movement using air this airline deserves a chance. However, you’ll have to decide based on the services you require and not based on emotions.

Kulula Services


1. Flight bookings

What Kulala flight bookings you can book your flights, schedule your flights, get ticket information all through online.

How to book flights with Kulula airline

To book and schedule flight online the right way you’ll have to do the following things

– Log on to https://www.kulula.com

– Go-to “book a flight” or “flights” on the top side of both the desktop and mobile version the website.

Kulula Services: How To Book Flights Online Plus Contact Details

Under “search flights” you’ll have three main options to choose from. They are

  1. One way: For one flight only. For example a flight from your current city to another.
  2. Return: For Two flights only to and fro. For example a flight from your current city to another city and back to your current city.
  3. Multiflight: For flights to many cities you want, there are 6 total flights by default (two each) but you can add more too.

– After the above select the class you want to fly in, there are two types; economy and business each with different prices. The economy class is usually cheaper than the other.

– Next is to select the city, you’re flying from, then select the city you’re are flying to. This is for one way flight, it also applies to the other remaining flight types, you’ll only have to select the cities that are appropriate.

– Select departing time.

– Select the appropriate number for the “adult” “children” and infants.

Kulula Services: How To Book Flights Online Plus Contact Details

– Enter promo code if you have any.

– Select bargain if you want to check whether there is a way for the price to be reduced.

Before you click search to make sure that you are logged in. There two ways either with Vitalia or with Kulula own login system.

How to pay for Kulula flights

At this point, you’ll see available flights, the plane that will be carrying the departure time, including the amount. You can now proceed to pay.

There are various payment forms accepted by Kulala air.

  • Cheque/ Credit card
  • SID (secure electronic fund transfer)
  • kulula moolah Travel bank.
  • Avios for flight combination
  • Discovery Miles.

Choose any one that’s convenient for you and go ahead. If you have any questions you can contact them with their contact details down below.

2. Car rentals/hire


For renting cars in the city after you land, depending on the arrangements the car can pick you up from the airport or you can drive yourself.

How to reserve a car with Kulula

Go to /cars you must be logged in. Use discovery Vitality or not a member option to register.

Click on the hire car

Kulula Services: How To Book Flights Online Plus Contact Details

Select pick up point, date and time

Select drop off the point, date and time.

You can add a flight booking reference is optional.

Then click search.

Kulula Services: How To Book Flights Online Plus Contact Details
How to pay for Kulula car rentals

There is only one way to pay for Kulula car rentals, which is credit card or cheque so if you have the following cards you’re good to go

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express.


3. How to book a hotel with Kulula

This service enables you to have accommodation already reserved for you, so whenever you fly in just go in and check in.

– Go tohotel services select book a hotel.

Kulula Services: How To Book Flights Online Plus Contact Details

– Type the property name or destination (that is the hotel or the city to get the best available hotels )

– Select date for check in and date for check out.

– Select country of residence, South Africa by default leave it there unless you want to change it.

– Type booking reference if any otherwise leave it blank.

– Select the number of rooms you need.

– Select how many adults and children.

You can also tick the more search box to expand and show you additional options to choose from

Like choose the hotel based on ratings, based on the type or based on brand popularity (chain)

– Click search

– Select the one you like and proceed to book and pay.

How to pay for hotel reservations with Kulula

To pay simply choose from any of the available payment methods

  • Cheque/ Credit card
  • Discovery Miles
  • Avios.

Select the one you want and proceed to pay, you’ll be mailed the details keep it handy, that’s what you’ll use when you reach your hotel.

4. Kulula holidays

A service for tourist and fun seekers to explore various countries and cities. Kulula has various packages for holiday goers.

Some of their top holiday packages are

  • Local holidays: Holiday around South Africa
  • International holidays: You can go to Madagascar Thailand, Explore Mauritius and
    Other countries of the world.

How does it work

You select and for the holiday package you want. Kulula assist you to secure the necessary documents. The company fly you there, gives you accommodation and even makes arrangements for cars, tours and tour guide for you or your group.

How to book a Kulula holiday package

Visit holiday kulula select holiday packages.

Kulula Services: How To Book Flights Online Plus Contact Details

– Choose the featured holiday packages or you can search for other holiday packages.

– To search for holiday packages, select the “I’m leaving from” field, choose where you’ll be going to.

– Select date for leaving and date for returning.

– Select the number of rooms.

Kulula Services: How To Book Flights Online Plus Contact Details

– Click search, you’ll now see the available packages if you like what you see proceed to pay.

To pay for Kulula holiday packages

Again you have to choose the payment form. But for their holiday service, there is only one payment form which is the cheque or credit card.

If you have any of the following credit cards you are good to go

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • American Express

Just pay with anyone, generate a receipt which will be mailed to you.

Kulula services is a three in one package for everyone especially if you’re going to a country you don’t know anywhere. You can use Kulula to book the flight, rent a car and find accommodation so that when you fly to that country with Kulula airline the rest will be waiting for you.

Kulula airline routes

This airline flies to various countries and cities in the world. They are

East London,
Cape Town,
Port Elizbeth
Victoria falls

Kulula contact details

To contact Kulula for clarification, inquiry or any other thing just use the following means.

  • Phone number: 0861 58 58 52 for local calls, for international callers use +27 11 921 0500
  • Email address: feedback@kulula.com
  • Postal address:
    P.O. Box 7015, Bonaero Park, South Africa, 1622.
  • Fax:
    +27 11 388 2463

Physical address:
Cnr. 1 Marignane Drive and Atlas Road
Bonaero Park, 1619, South Africa.


Does this airline have any other services that are not pointed out here? You can help by pointing them out. What has been your experiences using this airline share them with other readers?


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