How To Easily Port To Telkom Network

It is quite easy to port to any network in South Africa, including porting to Telkom network. Before porting you’ll need the ICCID of your SIM card, and phone number too, these two are very important, they are needed before you can make the switch.

ICCID which is integrated circuit card identifier are stored in the SIM cards and are also engraved or printed on the SIM for easier identification, so when you port nothing changes only the network company changes, your phone number still remains the same regardless if the Telecom company you port to.

Porting is not complex, think of it as switching between different channels of the TV until you find the one you need. It’s as simple as that. so if your current telecom provider is not working you can switch to another including Telkom.

Steps to port to Telkom

Is easy to port with these simple steps.
1. On your phone open your message area. Make sure you are using the number you want to port to.
How To Easily Port To Telkom Network
Open message on the phone
2. Write a message with the following “PORTME#yourIDnumber#ICCIC# to 081 160 7678.
Your ICCIC is usually on the back of your SIM pack or certificate.
How To Easily Port To Telkom Network
Telkom sim card
3. If you’re using postpaid SIM, visit you’re nearest Telkom store and fill out an application form to port. It takes about 1 day for the process to finish, not longer than 48 hours maximum.
Frequently asked questions about Telkom porting
Can I still use my old mobile handset?
Yes, you can change from your current network operator to Telkom Mobile and continue to use your phone. If your device is network locked you may need to unlock it at your current mobile network operator.
SMS porting is for porting of prepaid services.
Once ported, will I be able to access services that were offered by my previous network operator?
No, you won’t, the services that will be available are those from your current network provider.
Can I use my old SIM card?
Yes, your mobile number will stay the same.
Will I lose all free minutes and other free services offered by my previous mobile network operator when you change to Telkom Mobile, or to any other provider?
Yes, this also applies to all unused minutes and SMS you may have accumulated but have not yet used. You have the option of using up all your unused minutes and SMS before requesting to port, you should use up all minutes and bonuses before porting.
How much does it cost to port?
Only the cost of sending SMS.

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