PS4 For sale - Places to Buy For Cheap in South Africa

PS4 For Sale – Places to Buy For Cheap in South Africa

If you are looking to buy PlayStation 4 and you don’t want to break your bank account doing so, here are places to consider, this stores, sites or shops will give you a discount, directly or indirectly, depending on sellers and your negotiating skills. Yes, you can get PS4 game console even as low as R3000.

In the end, you may not end up spending the maximum amount of money only the minimum. So you purchase with some money left for other things.

But bear in mind that most of these places listed here are selling, semi-new, used or fairly used Play station 4 consoles and games. In some cases, you might get new ones.

Some of this places have physical addresses some, some don’t but they key thing here is the cheap aspect, at least you’ll get your ps4 game consoles, games, and accessories cheaper than you can get it in other stores or the official Sony store.

1. Pawned games

This store can be found in Cape Town.

Full address is
Suite 803 – 8th Floor, Boland Bank Building, 18 Lower Burg Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa. You can call them on phone using this number +27 21 418 1372.

Here you can get new, semi-new and fairly used ps4 games, whether its the console or the DVD games. Obviously, it’s cheaper than buying from BT stores or other popular stores that buy from the parent company Sony.

2. OLX

You can get Play station here for cheap, amazingly you can get brand new as someone may buy PS4 today and decide to sell it tomorrow, perhaps he wants to buy Nintendo or Xbox. Yes it’s true but it is rare, what you’re sure of getting at any time in OLX is mostly used or fairly used PS4.

But here is a way to make sure you buy quality PS4 for cheap in OLX.

  1. Go-to PS4 this will take you straight to OLX page for ps4.
  2. You can toggle the filter at the top right corner to set the maximum amount, date published and other things. But I suggest you leave it as it is.

Select any one you like, click on it and look at the description, if you see something like this

“EXCELLENT condition Playstation 4 for sale. Playstation still under warranty. Comes with lots of games on discs and saved on the internal memory of Playstation and comes with its original packaging. Contact me for more info. Whatsapp nr : 06108580xx”

As you can see this seller is claiming that this PS4 is in excellent condition, look at the pictures, it does look like it is in excellent condition, but then we go a step further we call or Whatsapp that number given. I believe you know what to ask him/her, also try to negotiate the price further, it works most times.

If you’re satisfied set up a meeting.
Note: Don’t pay anything not even advance until you’ve seen what you want to buy. If the seller is in a city different from yours and you can’t travel down there or send a representative, use the filter option to find the seller nearest to your location.

3. Gumtree

Just like OLX Gumtree is a classified site where sellers and come and post ads based on the things they want to sell. But unlike OLX there are stores with a physical address on Gumtree. Once you see the PS4 that you like to go ahead and make an arrangement to buy it.

The listings are done based on categories and location.

To buy PS4 from Gumtree

There just four ways to buy this game console from Gumtree, this will help you avoid getting scammed.

  1. Go-to Gumtree for PlayStation Gumtree
  2. Browse the ones available, look at the prices, descriptions, and locations then make your choice.
  3. Contact the seller if it is an individual if it’s a company look up their address and visit there store or call them with their contact telephone number.
  4. You can use “refine” on the top right side to narrow your search down to Price city and condition.

Are there any other places whether offline or online one can get cheap or affordable quality PS4 games and console in South Africa? If there are please share, do tell us your experiences buying from these websites and stores.

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