SuperSport competitions

List of Top SuperSport Competitions

When it comes to winning prizes online, SuperSport is one of the top companies that have a variety of competitions to choose from through their SuperSport competitions programme.

SuperSport competitions

This is why for every major sports competition there is a SuperSport sponsoring the prize winning aspect. It doesn’t matter if it’s Football, Basketball, Tennis or even Ruby, there is always one form of SuperSport competition for each.

People have won lots of things with SuperSport, not just in South Africa but in Africa in general. But most prizes are won by people in South Africa because SuperSport competitions tend to be more for South Africans. We are not just talking about winning minor things like books, balls, or dummy trophies, we are talking about some real prizes.

People have won giant TVs, fridges, home theatres and even lots of cash in Rand and in US dollars. You can win big too.

Competitions and prizes

1. PEPSI – UEFA Champions League

Starts at the start of the champions league season and ends at the closing day of Champions League.

It’s a predictor game, just register and start predicting, you have to choose your team, then for each match day, you have choose a team to win, draw or lose. You have to predict the scoreline for each match, at the end of every match if what you predicted is the exact thing that happened you’ll get the maximum points available. If you get part of prediction you’ll be awarded point based on how many things you got right.

Winners are based on first, second and third.

Prizes: Tournament price is a total 10 Sony Xperia XZ2 smartphones, one each for the runners up.

2. Super Rugby Predictor

Super rugby is a predictor game for Rugby fans, you get to choose and predict scores for each match.

At the end of the competition, the best predictor with the most points gained through accurate prediction wins.

Prizes: DStv subscribers can win a total of 10 Samsung Galaxy A9 Smartphones. One each for winners.

3. Champions League Predictor

Another predictor game just like number 2, but this time this one is about soccer. You can predict what will happen to games played in the UEFA champions league.

At the end of the season, a player with the most points wins.

Prizes: 5 PS4 game console and various other consolation prizes. For DSTV subscribers.

4. Premier league competitions

The English premier league has its own predictor game, if you can play the champions league predictor you can play this one too, it is basically the same except for the difference in league. It is only for English teams just like the South African premier league.

Prizes: Usually announced at the end of the season. But the winnings are usually grand.

5. AFCON games

African cup of nations games are seasonal it comes up every two years, and then one year before the World cup.

The AFCON games have a lot of games, like predictor, fantasy and a special type of game for the tournament.

Prizes: Depends on each sponsor of the competition for that year.

6. World Cup games

Same with AFCON, the FIFA world cup has lots of games even to some extent its suites of games are more than the rest. You get to play predictor, fantasy, winning eleven teams, most goals scored etc.

Each specific game has it’s on prizes for winners.

Prizes: Like AFCON prizes are announced a month before the World cup proper.

How to win with SuperSport competitions

  • Select any competition you like
  • You’ll be prompted to either register or sign in.
  • If you haven’t registered click to register a Superbru account.
  • You can then start playing and hopefully winning. Don’t forget to share your journey with our community here.

Here are some few things to keep in mind when playing so that you won’t have problems with winnings or problems in claiming your prize.

  • Check each competition prizes, the ones labeled for DSTV are for DSTV not for GoTV or any other multi-choice cable provider.
  • Ensure you enroll in each game on time to make your chances of winning brighter. The early entrance can make a difference.
  • Be consistent, don’t just predict for one week, next week you fail to do the same. As others are doing the same, you are competing with other people, so you have to play to win.

Happy winnings.

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